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Yoga for the Globe is constantly expanding resource of online yoga, worldwide range of yoga preceptors, online meditation sessions, yogic Diet Consultation i.e. ancient tradition of complete Sturdiness with the secrets of adequate & personalized diet, acupressure. Yoga for the globe created by a yogi mystic having a deep experience of decades.
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Dosha Analysis
The Dosha Analysis is an insightful and scientific way to discover your mind / body type, bring forward your best qualities and live in balance with your own body. It is quick and easy to use. Answer each question providing the response that best describes you, tick only one that feels most true to you..The quiz is not meant to provide a definitive diagnosis of your mind / body type. However, the quiz will provide you with an indication of the proportion of vata, pitta and kapha in your body, along with helpful diet, health and exercise tips, to assist you to live in balance.
The Dosha (Vata / Pitta / Kapha) analysis Quiz based was developed by Yogi Nityanandam Shree.Do you know Dosha? I mean do you know what a dosha is? If not, then read up. Once you understand what a dosha is, take a dosha test below to determine your unique dosha balance.
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YOGA FOR THE GLOBE is Constantly Expanding resource of Online Yoga, Worldwide range of Yoga Preceptors, Online Meditation Sessions & Yogic Diet Plans & Recipes.
DOSHA ANALYSIS (Body & Mind type Assessment)
Its an Insightful and Scientific tick-mark based quiz to discover your ratio of five elements to assist you to live in balance. (Absolutely Free)
Vaata (wind)
Pitta (bile)
Kapha (mucus)
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I've been a patient of frozen shoulder for a long time and tried so many therapies, find this yoga class an excellent way to supplement my shoulder treatment. I am your most satisfied cured patient with your treatment. Thanks.
S. Jasbir Singh
- Chartered Accountant (INDIA)
As a teacher Yoginitya inspired me in the art of teaching and the desire to convey knowledge more than any other teacher in my life so thank you for that Yoginitya and I know you will continue to do the same in your unique way to thers. Namaskaram !
Usha Dilawari
- (UK)
I’ve always been impressed with your deep knowledge of yoga as a science and a philosophy, and how this flows through your classes, and is passed on to the students on both  an individual level and  class level. I have always been encouraged by your calm assurance & find your teaching methods motivating. The classes have always been enjoyable and provided an opportunity for personal physical and mental development through Yoga for the Globe
Ashwani Kumar
- (India)

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