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Yoga for the Globe is constantly expanding resource of online yoga, worldwide range of yoga preceptors, online meditation sessions, yogic Diet Consultation i.e. ancient tradition of complete Sturdiness with the secrets of adequate & personalized diet, acupressure. Yoga for the globe created by a yogi mystic having a deep experience of decades.

Yoga for the Globe is making a chain passionate group of experienced instructors worldwide. Our yoga videos include 300+ courses on Yoga, Meditation, Acupressure, Naturopathy & yogic Diet.

Hundreds of our HD yoga videos can be viewed in their entirety without payment. You don’t even have to sign up. The site is supported by subscriptions, donations, by sales of DVDs, downloads, programs, and advertising.


“It is possible to become free from suffering.”

The mission of Yoga for The Globe is to present the possibility of being free, and to offer information and skills that cultivate and support enjoying life fully, and living in peace, health, love and happiness.

Yoga for The Globe, offers original, high-quality and professional meditation, yoga, naturopathy, acupressure & yogic diet Consultation. Moreover we are one a mission to provide a huge range of yoga, acupressure, & healthy food products featuring the unique specific qualities. These are designed to awaken the intuitive intelligence and clarify the mind. These simple, secular and effective programs and products  help deepen self knowledge, maximize efficiency, and alleviate everyday stress.

Yoga for The Globe, has programs designed for individuals, corporate businesses, athletes and health care professionals. Yoga for The Globe’s unique Yogic Talks Program and the workshops that comprise it, are the clearest, most practical and trusted life changing education across the Globe.

Yoga for The Globe offers yoga and meditation on  an Online Course, in DVDs, and in live workshops and classes.

We not only believe in Ultimate, also doing efforts to provide you excellent services..

We are not among those who compromise and settle for less than perfection. Its about setting a high standard for yourself and focusing on getting as good as we can possibly be.


 “We always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aiming at purifying our thoughts and actions i.e.  purity inside and outside’’


Our peculiarity is that you never saw it  before, We do not believe in sheep-trick, but we are doing efforts to lead. We are out of red ocean of competition


If you are one of those who fails to visit health expert and unable to get counseling session just because of lack of time Telephonic Diet or Health Consultation is best to option . It is the specialized newly launched service offered to all our users. Telephonic consultations give you full benefits of diet consultations with Expert Yogic Dietitians from comfort of your home. You do not need to visit any clinic for this. It’s just that you need to share your information, requirement, and Dietitians calls you up & guide you according to your requirements.

Telephonic diet and health counseling is really a beneficial way in managing health in today’s hectic lifestyle. Many of the studies have also proven that it is a feasible way of delivering lifestyle intervention to primary care patients & chronic disease conditions. It offers a good ongoing support for lifestyle changes which might be difficult in one to one consultation.

  • It is best for you if you live in rural area and don’t have any access of Nutrition clinic
  • If you have fear to discuss your queries face to face
  • If you are too busy to go for Personalized Diet, Yoga or Health Consultation.
  • Increases access to those who are physically disabled or for those without own means of transport.
  • Convenient & Quicker
  • Easy to use
  • Large British supermarket
  • No geographical barriers
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