Vaata-Pitta Balancing Pro – Weight Loss Diet Plan – Vol 01 – Series 8

Vaata-Pitta Balancing Pro – Weight Loss Diet Plan – Vol 01 – Series 3

To keep one calm & relax

Let’s Start

Wake up & open your window

Take Deep Breaths for 2 min


Then Drink a glass of plain water

(Copper & silver charged stale water)

After a gap of 1 min drink water twice more

then take a short walk for 1 min then


Eliminate :- Empty the bladder and the bowels.

Brush Your Teeth & scrape your tongue


After 2-3 min of that chew 1 tsp. of soaked

Fenugreek Seeds

Now Practice Yoga / Exercises 40-90 min

After 10 min of exercises

Start your routine schedule

Medicated Bottle Gourd / Lauki Juice

Lauki Juice (150-200 ml) lauki means bottle gourd

Add 2 spoon of ashwagandha juice in it for first seven days then

Add Wheat grass juice 4 spoon for next 3-4 days

and replace Ashwagandha Juice then

add beet Root Juice of ½ pc. For next 3-4 days and replace wheat grass

again start with Ashwagandha leaf juice

In lauki juice also add a pinch of black pepper, a pinch of dry ginger, 5 leaves of tulsi (basil),

4 spoon of amla (indian gooseberry) and a thumb sized grated fresh turmeric



Besan Chapatti

with 2-3 spoon Curd


Fruit Salad

  • lemon, black pepper & 1 tsp. extra virgin olive oil etc

  • Or
  • Multigrain Dalia

  • having grated & boiled lauki rock salt, black pepper and curry leaves.


    Multigrain Dalia formula :

    ½ spoon wheat dalia, ½ spoon barley dalia,

    ½ spoon split green moong with peel, ½ spoon of small rice having a pinch of ajwain and ½ spoon of white sesame seeds

  • After 1 hour of breakfast drink water a lot

  • Also take hot water two to three times in a hour between breakfast and lunch



Mid-Day Refreshment (Around 12-1 noon) :-

1 Coconut water with 6-7 almonds & 1/2 walnut & 1 fig

(soaked overnight in water)

sometimes you may take hot lemon ginger water instead of coconut water

Before Lunch :-  30 min Before lunch

Stop drinking water

Lunch :-

Boiled Vegetable bowl

like lauki, parwal, tinda, tauri, halwa kaddu, cabbage and pea etc

sometimes you may take split green moong dal soup instead of curd & vegetable.



1 Multigrain chapatti

(patanjali diabetic care atta)

with Any seasonal vegetable as you like

( Vegetables Idea :- lauki mattar / Cabbage green peas / daal having paalak or lauki / tomato mushroom etc )


After Lunch :-

(Immediately after lunch)

Chew Green fennel 1/2 tsp.

  • After 1 hour of breakfast drink water a lot

Also take hot water two to three times in a hour between lunch and dinner



Evening :-

       2 spoon of Ashwagandha juice in 1/2 cup of water


Before Dinner :-  30 min Before dinner

Stop drinking water


 Dinner :-

Vegetable Soup or sabzi

like broccoli, lauki, tinda etc having carrot, ginger slices & green pea



Lemony Tomato beet root and cabbage salad with mix vegetable

Before go to bed, wash your feet & rub mustard oil below your both feet for 7-10 min.

For Best Results : Keep smiling whole day…

Drink Water whole day morning to sunset in sitting posture.

Use spices, fruits & veges according to season & nature of your body.

follow This plan once at least 9 days.

That’s all

Yogic Diet

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