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About Yogic Diet
We become what we eat and our diet influences the kind of health we have. That’s the reason why a balanced, filling and ideal diet with ample nutrition is required to stay healthy. Moreover, it is wrong to believe that eating anything and then performing Yoga will reap you benefits.
    Yogic Diet Consultation

    We are what we eat ! The quality of food we eat, and how we eat it is more important than anything else,  so we are helping individuals reach Better Consciousness through tips of sustainable high pranic food /health – yogic technology for inner wellbeing.

    Yogic Diet consultation and treatment
    The consultation involves:
    • A detailed questionnaire exploring the client’s diet  lifestyle and medical history
    • Pulse diagnosis
    • Tongue, stool, urine, eyes, skin colour & voice diagnosis.
    • Body elements balance diagnosis
    • Ayurvedic diagnosis will establish the client’s imbalance (Viktriti) and  original constitution (Prakriti) and then seeks to return the individual’s body to a healthy balanced state.
    Treatment consists of
    • Tailored nutritional advice
    • Advice on lifestyle habits, daily and seasonal regime
    • Specially selected Yoga exercises (including breathing exercises and meditation techniques)
    • Special Ayurvedic massages and treatments using herb infused massage oils
    • Advice on medicinal herbs and herbal remedies tailored to the individual.


    Can Ayurveda help me?

    Ayurveda as a holistic system views any disease as an imbalance in person’s body /mind and can assist in improving various conditions.

    Ayurveda is certainly not intended to replace Western medicine. These two medical systems can work together to provide patients with a complete treatment and fast recovery. Ayurveda also acts as a preventative medicine and gives you the tools to treat your body according to your unique body/mind constitution. Ayurveda encourages clients to take an active part in their treatment and to take responsibility for their own well-being.


    Yogic Diet Consultation
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